I know this is just an image of what could be Jeremy Renner going out on the town but no people, this is the first image of Renner in the fourth movie in the ‘Bourne’ franchise and this time it’s called The Bourne Legacy. We heard a little while ago that this new movie is going to sit alongside the other Bourne movies when it comes to timeline rather than being a prequel or sequel which may well be a nice change but time will tell. You won’t find Paul Greengrass directing this one and it won’t star Matt Damon but this time Renner will be helmed by Tony Gilroy and co-star alongside Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton, Albert Finney, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen and Stacy Keach and I cannot wait. It is the Olympics this year in London, it will also be the place I watch The Bourne Legacy!

This image comes courtesy of the chaps at Universal Studios via USA Today but thanks to Rope of Silicon for the heads up.

Source: Rope of Silicon