OK website hackers! It’s time to let you shine and remember to come back here and tell what you find! As we know, The Dark Knight Rises, the third instalment in the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise is currently filming in London and more randomly, just down the road from me in classy Croydon! In other news however, the Dark Knight Rises website has just gone live (thanks for the heads up from our buddies at CBM) and although there is literally no visual content on there, there is a very odd sound which just sounds like people chanting.

I’ve tried downloading it and playing it backwards. I’ve even tried various sample rates and enhancements to see if there is something in there which isn’t obvious to the human ear but as yet, have drawn a blank.

Check it out here and report back in the comments section below with any findings

FURTHER UPDATE: This has now given us the first image of Tom Hardy as Bane!!!

UPDATE: Well, it didn’t take long for those clever people at Super Hero Hype to figure it out. Apparently, the wav form can be converted into a graphic form (who knows how?! And as ytou can see from the image below, a word can be created from the audio. That word is #thefirerises. Since it’s a hashtag, that points us directly to twitter where we can see a twitter name @thefirerises. I suggest following it for more Batman goodness! Love these puzzles!