The road to The Bourne Legacy has seen many actors and directors come and go, with the team of Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon talking up (then talking down) a fourth Bourne film with the two of them involved, then it became clear that Tony Gilroy would be the man behind the camera and the search was on for the film’s leading man.

Dominic Cooper, Garrett Hedlund and just today Joel Edgerton were among those tipped as the man to take the franchise on, but Deadline have just revealed that Jeremy Renner has been offered the role by Universal.

If he accepts he will be following his leading role in the new Mission: Impossible film Ghost Protocol – a film which is said to launch a new MI series with Renner in the role similar to Ethan Hunt. To lead both franchises, which are not exactly dissimilar, would cement Renner’s reputation as a fully fledged action star. His role in Ben Affleck’s The Town was critically lauded and his role as Hawkeye in the forthcoming Marvel films Thor and The Avengers has the potential to lead his own superhero film, though nothing has been announced.

The Bourne Legacy has a release date of 3rd August, 2012.