The cast of Game of Thrones’ sixth season seems to get bigger and bigger on a weekly basis, with many of the casting additions a complete mystery due to the fact that the HBO series has now moved past where George R.R. Martin is with his long delayed novels.

The latest addition is Essie Davis, the star of The Babadook and an actress who received an awful lot of praise for her performance in that unique horror movie. Who will she be playing?

Cersei Lannister.

Wait, what?! Don’t fret, Lena Heady hasn’t been replaced; Davis will actually play an actress who stars in a play called The Bloody Hand, reflecting the world of Westeros. This is a pretty meta move by Game of Thrones, but one which should be very interesting to see play out.

There’s no word on how big of a role this is going to be, but it’s also been revealed that Richard E. Grant is set to play the leader of the theater troupe that is staging The Bloody Hand. Martin has actually alluded to the existence of this group in a chapter from The Winds of Winter, the next instalment in the Game of Thrones series which still has no release date.