WarbirdsThe official website has released test footage from Michael B. Chait’s first feature attempt in the form of the movie War Birds. From the footage (which I’ve embedded below) it looks like we can expect to see a Top Gun style movie based in an around the US Airforce in the Second World War with Michael Bay style explosions recently seen on the Victoria Secrets ad!

The website gives us literally no other information on the movie but fortunately, or friend Alex over at FirstShowing.net knows a lot more than we do about the movie:

FirstShowing.net: The story follows an Air Force veteran-turned-reckless airshow re-enactment pilot who gets pulled into the world of illegal aerial combat. Shooting is scheduled for next summer in Michigan using real airplanes and aerial sequences. War Birds will be directed by first-time filmmaker Michael Chait. The script was originally written by Josh Staman and Bryan Binder, but writers J. Todd Harris (Bottle Shock) and Richard Jefferies (Tron Legacy) will be polishing the final draft. Oscar winning Titanic cinematographer Russell Carpenter (of 21 and The Ugly Truth recently) will serve as a visual consultant as well.

According to the official website, we can expect to see the movie some time in 2011. I don’t know about you but this is one im looking forward to seeing if the test footage is that good! Check it out below.