News from Deadline indicates that Erin Brockovich writer Susannah Grant has produced a pitch for Fox 2000 for a proposed musical of those famous 60’s US hit-makers The Beach Boys. According to reports, the studio has also shelled out for the rights to the band’s back catalogue too.

Apparently, the template for the film will be similar to that of box office behemoth Mamma Mia! (not sure if I’m as excited about this now) where, instead of a traditional biopic, The Beach Boys songs will serve as a backdrop for an original narrative.

Why they are going via this route when the actual real-life tales of this Californian boy band would make for a truly captivating tale in itself, with all the necessary ingredients for high drama, (including death, madness and family rivalry).

Oh well, I suppose it makes sense for Hollywood to stick to a winning formula, and at least the band’s music will now have the potential to reach a new generation of fans.

We’ll bring you more on this when we hear any further developments.