To celebrate the release of Superintelligence, the new comedy coming to cinemas later this month, we sat down with its cast and director to find out if AI is soon to take over the world and be voiced by James Corden.

Written by Steve Mallory and directed by Falcone – who also co-stars – Superintelligence stars McCarthy as Carol Peters, a former executive in the corporate world who has her life turned upside down when a super-intelligent AI – first of its kind – picks her to help it learn about humanity and the world, whilst potentially plotting to take it over, voiced by James Corden.

In our chat, the trio talk to us about their dreams and fears of what AI can do for humanity, finding the humour in the apocalyptic and what they would do if such a thing presented them with such an opportunity.

You can watch the full interview below:

Superintelligence opens on December 11th in UK cinemas.