Here on HeyUGuys we’re fans of film, and we have a lot of stuff kept dearly over the years related to movies. Toys, posters, plastic cups emblazoned with a movie character or two – our attics are full of the stuff. One of our earliest memories of collectible movie-related stuff comes in the form of this toy.

Superman Punch CarThis is not our version of the 1970s Corgi model as ours is lost in an attic somewhere (it’s quite small), but thanks to this site we have an image to show you. Our version had red extendable arms on the side and is operated by pressing the red disc you can just see on the back of the vehicle down, thus extending the arms and bashing away any airborne foes.

Superman Wallpaper
My childhood wallpaper. Seriously.

Because we were young we didn’t question the fact that Superman wouldn’t need to be flying around in a Supermobile Rocket Car as he quite capable of doing so himself…

However this is just one of the few pieces we picked up over the years. Growing up in the 80s meant sticker books for every major kid-friendly movie release. Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Goonies – the 3G of our childhood and thirty years on some people are paying money to buy completed editions of these.

In fact – most of the stuff we collected as kids is being bought and sold for more than it was ever worth back in the day. A close friend has spent years building up his Star Wars toy collection to match what it was three decades ago. It’s amazing to see.

Image from the wonderful Retromash site.

There is one item in our collection, and these are our photos of it, which remains takes pride of place in our collection of stuff. A very rare gatefold advert for Star Wars: Revenge of the Jedi from back in 1983. This was printed and sent out before the film was released, and before the name was changed to Return of the Jedi. It’s worth something now, and it’s exactly the sort of random piece of movie junk we’re pleased we held on to.

revenge of the jedi fold out 2revenge of the jedi fold out 3 revenge of the jedi fold out 1 Revenge of the Jedi fold outSo we collect movie fare – everyone has their own particular passion. Colin Hughes has a massive Scaletrix collection – one of the biggest in the country and Safestore have made him the subject of the latest video on the search for Britain’s greatest collectors.

You can find out about the Scaletrix collector in the video below, and check out this page for more information on what your attic may be worth.

Here’s the video from Safestore, and read more on their collector’s blog.

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