This is our second clip from Adrian Grunberg’s prison set action movie starring Mel Gibson and it gives a fair impression of the violent tone at play here.

You can see the first clip here and it gives a good introduction to the brutal world Gibson’s character falls into. This new clip follows on from nicely and has Gibson taking a fairly unusual approach to prison toilet etiquette.

Here’s a synopsis for you lucky people,

It’s been a bad day for Driver (Gibson) and it’s not getting any better. He just made a big haul of millions that would give him a nice summer vacation on easy street. A good idea that went south – literally. During a high-speed car chase with the US Border Patrol, and a bleeding body in his back seat, Driver flips his car smashing through the border wall, tumbling violently, coming to a stop … in Mexico. Apprehended by the Mexican authorities, he is sent to a hard-core prison where he enters the strange and dangerous world of “El Pueblito”, the worst prison in all of Mexico. Not an easy place for an outsider such as Driver to survive, unless it’s with the help of someone who knows the ropes – a 10 year-old kid.

Here’s your NSFW clip – check back later for our review and we have an interview with Grunberg on the site in the near future.