Before the first season of Star Wars Rebels aired, there was a lot of talk about the series having some major ties to The Force Awakens. While rumours pointed to those mostly revolving around The Inquisitors, that obviously didn’t end up being the case, but this trailer for the second half of season two definitely seems to have some major nods to the movie!

While it’s already been confirmed that Kylo Ren constructed his lightsaber himself and that it contains a cracked crystal (leading to the need for those vents/crossguards), it appears as if Star Wars Rebels is going to explore where the idea for that specific hilt actually came from.

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We also hear a mysterious voice which may or may not belong to Supreme Leader Snoke, and while this animated series takes place a long time before the events of The Force Awakens, it’s certainly possible that we’ll now start seeing some links between the two.

Also making an appearance are a young Princess Leia and a very familiar green Jedi, while the trailer definitely points to Star Wars Rebels picking up more of the plot threads from the popular Clone Wars series. Basically, if you’re a Star Wars fan, you should love this…