Vulcan Concept Art 3Here’s some very cool concept art which Empire have just released to promote The Art of Star Trek which is being released next Tuesday by Titan Books with the author, Mark Cotta Vaz. The images are based around J.J. Abrams movie which is released on DVD / Blu Ray next week.

The images give us a glimpse of Vulcan and the text that is very small  in one of the images reads:

“The idea of Vulcan culture was if you went there it would all make sense, because the thought process is paramount to their culture,” [Production Designer] Scott Chambliss reflected. “It’s not that they don’t have aesthetics, it’s that their consummate logic has a beauty all its own. That is opposed to the pure emotion and physicality of the Romulans. Though both came from the same [racial] antecedents.”

You can pre-order the book here or click the images below to enlarge.