Ever played a game and thought either, boy I could do much better than this or boy I wish I could create my own game? If you have answered yes to both the above then you may be interested to hear that Square Enix and Bigpoint have revealed their new browser-based create-em-up Gameglobe.

Gameglobe will allow players  free access to creative gaming possibilities and endless user-generated game wolrds, all in HD with console quality graphics.

“It’s never been easier to create your own game,” said Rune Vendler, Game Director. “We want Gameglobe to be a community where everyone can get involved in the fun: play new games every day, share your favourites, or flex your creative muscles with your own designs.”

“We’re very excited by the creativity unleashed through the collaboration between Bigpoint and Square Enix that allows us to bring an entirely new and innovative online gaming experience to players”, added Jan-Michel Saaksmeier, Executive Producer at Bigpoint. ”Gameglobe offers fun without limits and a vast selection of free-to-play adventures directly in your browser – and in full console quality HD graphics.”

Take a look at the first screenshot below. If Gameglobe enables you to create worlds that look this good, then this is one to keep your eye on.