The internet has given a new platform for companies to engage with their audience and there is no greater prize than the video which goes viral and starts attracting viewers from all around the world.

These are far more sophisticated than your Gold Blend adverts from the 80s and this example from Enterprise Car Rental has a double act fronting their latest campaign with Dave from the UK introducing All American Brad to our way of doing things. It’s not unlike putting Ron Burgundy and Basil Fawlty in the same business and then standing back. It’s a fun endeavour and it’s good to see advertisers taking the time to engage with their market’s sense of humour for a change.

You find more of Brad & Dave’s antics over on their Rent-A-Car YouTube channel, so far they’re up to thirteen episodes and if this is a success then you’ll be seeing more of them soon.



Viral video by ebuzzing


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