As you may or may not already know, Sony have had a number of documents leaked detailing private emails between executives and more. There’s even talk of major spoilers for Spectre having found their way online! All of this is said to be in retaliation by North Korean funded hackers for the release of The Interview.

The latest details to find their way online are in regards to Spider-Man, and discussions have apparently taken place between Sony boss Amy Pascal and those at Marvel/Disney about the long rumoured crossover.

Marvel Studios have offered to produce a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies (presumably set in the same world as characters like Iron Man and the Guardians of the Galaxy) which would see Sony retain creative control, marketing and distribution. Such an arrangement would obviously be mutually beneficial.

Another email saw Pascal tell a colleague that Marvel have asked to include Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. In the comic book version, Spidey played a huge role, revealing his identity to the world.

The site which broke this news add that these talks may have broken down, but that Sony are planning a “Spidey Summit” in January to decide where they should take Spider-Man moving forwards. Spin-offs focusing on the Sinister Six, Venom, and a team of female heroes are all said to still be in the works.

They’re not alone however, as another project potentially in development is an animated comedy which will be produced by Chris Miller and Phil Lord, the team behind 22 Jump Street and The LEGO Movie! Pascal has also been in touch with Spider-Man trilogy director Sam Raimi about producing/directing another movie!

These are all very interesting possibilities, but it’s hard not to hope Spider-Man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially after the underwhelming mess which was The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Thoughts?