Sky-Movies-DisneyAt the end of the month, Sky will be launching a brand new channel dedicated to Disney movies here in the UK – Sky Movies Disney. It does just what it says on the tin, and is bound to be a big hit amongst people of all ages, given the wealth of impressive titles that the studio have given us over the years.

The channel launches in two and a half weeks, just in time for the Easter holiday.

And with its arrival on the horizon, Sky have launched a rather wonderful little TV spot, giving a taste of what you can expect from Sky Movies Disney from the end of the month.

Ordinarily, the launching of a new channel isn’t something we tend to cover on HeyUGuys. But, when it comes to Disney, sometimes the rules change. Especially when it comes with a blend of nostalgia and brilliance as great as this one.

I’m not a Sky subscriber, myself, so sadly won’t be able to take advantage of this. But I loved this little TV spot too much not to share it.

The new channel is part of a wide new agreement between Sky and Disney that will see Sky gain exclusive rights for a time to a whole host of Disney’s titles (on Sky Movies Disney as well as Sky Movies, and Sky’s various channels and platforms), including the new movies coming from Lucasilm (i.e. Star Wars Episode VII and beyond) and Marvel Studios (kicking off with The Avengers and Iron Man 3).

A very, very strong deal for Sky to lock down. Given that Disney’s contribution to the film industry extends far beyond the animated pictures that are most typically associated with the brand name – Lucasfilm and Marvel are excellent cases in point – there’s a lot to look forward to for Sky subscribers here.

Sky Movies Disney will be launching on 28th March. Here’s a little taste of what to expect. And if, like me, you’re not a subscriber, it’s always good fun to see a little bit of Disney magic.

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