Sket is released in UK cinemas today. Here’s the trailer for what looks like a very gritty and ‘real’ story. Sket stars Ashley Walters, Lily Loveless, Riann Steele, Aimee Kelly, Emma Hartley-Miller, Adelayo Adedayo and is directed by Nirpal Bhogal. Find out more on their official website.

Kayla (Aimee Kelly), a young sixteen-year old, faces the harsh London streets of gangland culture alone. Her mother already dead, her only protector and loving elder sister, Tanya (Katie Foster-Barnes), is one day brutally murdered by violent, misogynist gang leader Trey (Ashley Walters). Swearing vengeance, Kayla joins a girl gang led by the violent, damaged Danielle (Emma Hartley-Miller) who has her own reasons for helping Kayla seek retribution.

Check out the trailer below and click the poster to enlarge.

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