Sket is released in the UK today and if you missed it, you can see the trailer for the movie here. Our friends from Upbeat got to chat with the director, Nirpal Bhogal and cast-members Aimee Kelly (Kayla), Adelayo Adedayo (Kerry), Riann Steele (Shaks) and Varada Sethu (Kiran) about what it was like shooting the movie and what we can expect from it.

Sket also stars Ashley Walters, Lily Loveless, Riann Steele and Emma Hartley-Miller.

Kayla (Aimee Kelly), a young sixteen-year old, faces the harsh London streets of gangland culture alone. Her mother already dead, her only protector and loving elder sister, Tanya (Katie Foster-Barnes), is one day brutally murdered by violent, misogynist gang leader Trey (Ashley Walters). Swearing vengeance, Kayla joins a girl gang led by the violent, damaged Danielle (Emma Hartley-Miller) who has her own reasons for helping Kayla seek retribution.