Michael Sheen’s role in Masters of Sex resulted in his nomination for Best Actor in a Television Series this year, and you can see what all the fuss is about this Monday 28th July when the first season hits DVD in the UK.

Sheen plays Dr William Masters who, along with Lizzy Caplan’s Virginia Johnson, is a pioneering researcher in the field of human sexuality. The show was successful enough to draw a second season order, which is underway on US TV as we speak.

This is just the latest in a line of successful roles for rising star Michael Sheen, who is becoming one of a number of new British stars successful in Hollywood. He has had numerous memorable roles, and here we take a look at six of the best…




In 2002’s Heartlands, Sheen plays Colin Lawes, a mild-mannered man running a newsagent with wife Sandra. A member of his local pub darts team, Colin’s life starts to tumble when he discovers his wife is having an affair with the team captain.

This was one of Sheen’s earliest movie roles, and very different from the typical roles he is known for. Colin is a quiet, timid man who wouldn’t say boo to a goose. Sheen is able to portray Colin’s awkwardness and uncertainty with the smallest actions, and the merest look. Despite the fact Colin is so wet, however, Sheen makes him likable and sympathetic even before his life falls apart.

Heartlands is a little known, but great little film. Sheen showed, even in his early acting career, a great aptitude for acting, with a very subtle and endearing performance.

Underworld/Underworld: Evolution/Underworld: Rise of the Lycans

sheen underworld

When not portraying one of numerous famous faces on the big screen, Sheen has developed a lucrative sideline in outlandish fantasy characters. He has appeared in the Twilight Saga as Volturi vampire leader Aro. He livened up a Tron: Legacy cast seemingly fuelled on Valium as the wacky End of Line club owner Castor. It was in the Underworld movie series, beginning in 2003, however, that he first showed his talent for the unworldly.

In the Underworld series, Sheen plays Lycan leader Lucian. With the previously unheard of ability to shift between human and werewolf forms at will, Lucian was the first of the Lycans, and it was his actions that led to the war between werewolves and vampires. Considering he is mainly known for serious, dramatic roles, it is fascinating to see Sheen exercise a completely different set of acting muscles, as he shows his physicality and inner rage as the leader of a pack of killers.

Sheen’s work in Underworld has been very important for his career, as it undoubtedly led to his later roles in the Twilight movies, and has ensured that he has not been shackled to his more well known parts as well-known people from history.

masters-of-sex-artwork-600-370Masters of Sex Season One is out on DVD on the 28th of July. See a clip on the next page.