seinfeld-logo-301-the-noteA fun fact that is certain to make you shiver: this year marks a quarter of a century since the pilot episode of “Seinfeld” was aired. It went on to change the face of television and become one of the most influential sitcoms of our time.

The brainchild of Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David spawned nine, near flawless, seasons with the last episode watched by 76 million people in the United States alone. That’s not too shabby for a sitcom dubbed by many as a “show about nothing”. There’s no doubt that Jerry and the gang has made us laugh as much as cringe, but we take a look at the wisdom imparted from the show in six life lessons according to Seinfeld.

6. Nutrition

nutrition.jpg Far be it from us to suggest that Seinfeld provided words of wisdom on the diet front, but it did raise the important issue of what constitutes a meal.

Forget about steak or any other hearty meal,  in the Seinfeld universe one particular meal is slightly less filling. In what became a running theme throughout the show’s 180 episodes Jerry bestowed the virtuous simplicity of a bowl of cereal, no doubt making cereal a popular order at Tom’s Restaurant for those diehard fans who make the pilgrimage to the iconic New York diner.

With diet campaigns from Special K advising on cereal for lunch and dinner it would appear Jerry was onto something…

5. Fashion


Aside from the signature Kramer short trousers and atrocious dresses Julia-Louis Dreyfus wore as Elaine, its George Constanza’s purple shirt from the very first episode of Seinfeld that was particularly insightful.

The first of many diner scenes had George and Jerry debate on whether a shirt button is too high leading to Jerry to proclaim: “See, now to me, that button is in the worst possible spot. The second button literally makes or breaks the shirt. Look at it, it’s too high, it’s in no-man’s land. You look like you live with your mother.”

Put it in the context of 2014. It is now fully acceptable to not only  take the risqué move of purchasing shirts without considering the location of the buttons but to then, with the same shirt, proceed to button it right to the very top.

4. Family

family One of the best episodes in Seinfeld history, for a number of reasons, is “The Strike”. We not only see Kramer returning to H&H Bagels after a 12 year strike but also George make a donation in his colleague and friend’s name to a fake charity, The Human Fund (Money For People), as a Christmas present.

But it is the Constanza family tradition of Festivus, “For the Rest of Us”, that sends the message of the importance of family heritage and its impact. The crucial part of Festivus, “Airing Your Grievances”, sees Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza tell everyone exactly what he thinks of loved ones face-to-face making  him one of the most memorable characters in the shows history. In the same vein you cannot choose your family, so it would seem you cannot choose your family traditions nor hide from them.

3. Work

work 3

Given that only George and Elaine had regular jobs, it’s an area of life that takes an entertaining number of twists and turns in the Seinfeld universe.

In one instance Costanza, while at the New York Yankees, regularly hid and slept under his desk to avoid the strenuous activity of actually doing any work. But it is at an ongoing feud with one of his many employers, Play Now,  that stands out and  shows George has a work ethic to be admired but for all the wrong reasons.

How exactly do you take advantage of any possible benefit in the workplace? According to George Costanza, this would entail pretending to be disabled. However, with disabled toilet access privileges withdrawn the company want him out and employ a number of tactics that will make him quit such as boarding up access to his office.

For those struggling with the day job, just delve into your deepest recesses of your mind to develop an unshakeable work ethic whether it’s based on the love of the job or in Constanza’s case the sheer determination to prove a point that quitting is not an option.

2. Love

love This is perhaps the one part of life in Seinfeld where there is a plethora of life lessons and not just from Jerry himself.

Seemingly small meaningless flaws are, in fact, what could make or break a relationship. Take Jerry, for example, who once ended a relationship with someone with “man-hands” and chose a funny voice impersonating a girlfriend’s bellybutton over the girl herself. The love exploits of George Constanza are often filled with insecurities, none more so than his relationship with his one-time fiancée, Susan Ross.

What’s the underlying message if the prospect of marriage is less than appealing? Simple, think of any way to have the wedding called off. What he lacks in courage he makes up in good fortune after escaping the jaws of holy matrimony in spectacular, if not tragic, fashion all by way of skimping on more expensive envelopes.

1. Ethics

ethics We’re guilty of it at one time, breaking out in fits of laughter at the most inappropriate of times. As we seen in the final episode of Seinfeld, the ever questionable morals of the gang becomes their ultimate downfall as they simply laugh at a helpless sap being carjacked all whilst they film it and provide commentary.

Whilst it’s all in good jest it is another examples of how we should dislike Jerry & co who would appear to have no redeemable qualities. It remains that helping your fellow man in their time of need is perhaps the safest policy to adopt, especially in the state of Massachusetts. Perhaps making the ending fitting but one that polarized opinion amongst Seinfeld fans.