Have a great voice? Ever wanted to sing on stage your favorite Sonic tunes? Here’s your chance!

Organizers for Europe’s Summer of Sonic event have announced a call for singers to play on stage a few Sonic Adventure 2 theme songs on the main stage.

“We’re on the hunt for a male singer and a female singer that can help make our stage show an explosive one for the Summer of Sonic audience!” SOS founder Svend Joscelyne said.  “And, we thought it would be fun if we asked those of you who are already planning on coming to take part!”

Males are needed for “It Doesn’t Matter” meanwhile females are needed for “Believe in Myself”.

In order to take a chance at this great opportunity, here’s what you need to do:

  • An audio or YouTube recording of yourself singing to the theme that corresponds to your gender.
  • Have a ticket to Summer of Sonic
  • Be able to arrive before 12 P.M. at local time
  • Send your audio or video recording link to Svend at dreadknux@gmail.com. Remember to include your full name in case you’re picked.

The closing date for entries is June 30, 2012. So get going and get ready to let your voices out for the judges and perhaps the audience!