Here’s the biggest trailer that you’re going to see today…. no, not Star Wars…. it’s the final trailer for the Shaun the Sheep Movie!

The wonderfully brilliant Aardman Animation Studios have been hard at work on the movie which is set for released 6th February 2015. Shaun the Sheep was first seen way back in 1995 in The Wallace and Gromit film A Close Shave. Since then he’s appeared in on our TV screens in his own TV series proving so popular that he’s now got his own feature film.

Mark Burton and Richard Starzack direct the movie, the final trailer for which is embedded below along with a brand new poster.

SHAUN THE SHEEP THE MOVIE sees SHAUN’s mischief inadvertently lead to the Farmer being taken away from the farm. SHAUN, Bitzer and the Flock have to go to the big city to rescue him, setting the stage for an epic and hilarious big screen adventure.

Shaun the Sheep Poster