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What if games developers opened their minds and chose the right movies? Read on.

Game movies suck. There’s just no getting around it, they really, truly suck.

Near enough the only game movie I’ve ever been able to just about tolerate was the first Tomb Raider, and even that was preposterous. You’ve got to look at Scott Pilgrim vs The World to see how a movie about gaming should be done.

Best movie about games? Oh yes, and it’s not even about games.

It got me thinking about the flip reverse, games based on movies. Now, to be fair this doesn’t fare much better. Of course standouts being the wonderful ‘Goldeneye 007’ on the Nintendo 64 and more recently, the brilliant ‘Toy Story 3’ (if you haven’t played it for whatever reason, do yourself a favour and pick it up, it really is great) and even more recently, ‘Rango’.

Maybe the days of utterly dreadful licence fodder is behind us, but there are plenty of films out there that would be worth playing as gaming incarnations, as long as they are handled with the proper care and attention they deserve. Here’s a list.


Gran Torino

Developer : Rockstar North

You play as Walt Kowalski, a disgruntled Vietnam War vet mourning the loss of his wife, and struggling to adapt to a more modern, socially acceptable Middle America. In true open world style, you would singlehandedly attempt to rid the streets of common thugs and violence between the older and younger generations, at the same time trying to build new friendships between your neighbours, who have abandoned you. As the game progresses, you will have to gain the faith of the town and they will soon take notice of your heroic acts, building up a respect that you once thought was long gone.

Would it work?

Doesn’t everything with Rockstar? This is their territory; creating tension and making you care so deeply about your characters. With the critically acclaimed ‘L.A. Noire’ it’s clear that Rockstar can produce magic on either side of the law, and if a ‘Gran Torino’ game was given the lone gunman style similar to ‘Red Dead Redemption’, this could be a winner.


Developer : Infinity Ward or Treyarch

Your character is Evelyn Salt, a highly regarded and respected CIA Agent. When a Russian spy gives himself up and claims to have information that the Russian President will be assassinated on his upcoming visit to New York, he names the shooter as Evelyn Salt. You’re accused of being a mole or a double agent, so you go on the run. The truth lies somewhere, it’s up to you to find it.
Played in a third person style, combining stealth, shooting and ‘Mirrors Edge’ style first person parkour elements.

Would it work?

Undoubtedly. Hand this to either Infinity Ward or Treyarch and something special will be created. I’ll admit, and this is slightly dubious, but I can’t stand this movie. The entire time I was watching it I could only think I’d much rather be playing this than watching it, and that’s why I think it would be a great game. With a deep, political story unfolding throughout, including horrific scenes of loss and inhumane treatments, this is the world of CoD, just perhaps taken slightly less seriously. It sounds like good fun, make it happen.


Developer : Anyone who has the balls to do it.

You’ll play as Paul Conroy, a US extractor living in Iraq. After his truck his ambushed by Iraqis he awakes to find himself buried alive in a coffin, with only a phone, a lighter and a pen. It’s up to you to solve the mind bending puzzles from the conversations you are having on the phone, to decide if you can trust them to save you from your fatal situation. What would you do? This is how you’d find out.

Would it work?

Could it? Really? I think how could it not? This could be revolutionary. It’s just your character, nobody else on screen at all times. The only human contact you have is through your phone, and its battery is running out. Your only source of brightness is from your Zippo lighter and you’re against the clock. The feeling of intensity and genuine fear is in front of you and you have the choice to believe what the people are saying to you on the other end of the phone. It’s completely up to you. I would buy this, would you?

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