Actor, Screenwriter, Animator, Singer, Producer, Comedian, Public Speaker – Seth MacFarlane is a multi-talented personality who wears many hats. Born in Connecticut, United States, Seth has become one of the most recognisable names in the film industry.

He is well known for his leading voice role in Family Guy, as well as his role as Ted in the hit comedies Ted and Ted 2. As a singer, he has performed for the UK’s BBC Proms in 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2015 and has released a number of albums, including Music Is Better Than Words and Holiday for Swing.

Seth’s career has not been completely devoid of criticisms and controversies. Some of his work has been criticised for its use of offensive humour and he has faced copyright infringement lawsuits. However, Seth has also been praised for his equal rights activism and was awarded the prestigious title of Harvard Humanist of the Year in 2011.

While MacFarlane has proven himself as talented in a range of disciplines, including music and public speaking, it is perhaps his film work that has achieved the most success.

Let’s take a look at some of Seth best films and the legacies and other products created on the back of their successes.

Ted (2012)

Seth MacFarlane worked on the comedic film Ted as Producer, Director, Writer and most notably as the character Ted. The cast also included popular actress Mila Kunis and actor Mark Wahlberg.

Ted tells the story of a man named John Bennett, who as a child wished that his beloved teddy bear would come to life and miraculously, much to his surprise, this wish comes true. The film follows John 27 years later, as he now faces the heartbreaking decision of either keeping his relationship with his best pal Ted, or breaking the bond to focus on his relationship with girlfriend Lori.

On its release in 2012, the film was a huge success. It grossed over $218 million in the United States and a further $316 million internationally, all against a relatively low budget of $50 million. Ted became the 12th highest grossing film in the year of its release and Universal’s number one highest grossing film of 2012. Rotten Tomatoes scored the film 68%, while audiences on the website CinemaScore gave it an impressive grade of A- when polled.

Following its success, the sequel Ted 2 was released in 2015. This time, audiences follow Ted’s journey to be recognised as a person and adopt a child with his wife Tami-Lynn.

With the popularity of the Ted movies, it is no surprise that a wide range of merchandise, products and games have been created in its name. Everything from Ted teddies and t-shirts to Ted keychains and mugs have been flying off the shelves since its release.Even the world of online gaming has gotten involved, with a Ted slot game being created. Slot game players enter a cartoon-esque world, filled with symbols inspired by the film. You will find Ted taking a nap on the sofa and watch as he awakens as you take a spin on the five-reel slots.

Logan Lucky (2017)

Logan Lucky is another one of Seth MacFarlane’s more recent hit films, he appears as the character Max Chilblain, a businessman and NASCAR team owner.

In the film, Jimmy Logan, played by Channing Tatum, is fired from his job. In need of money, he then convinces his brother and sister to participate in a complex plot to crack a safe and rob the NASCAR racetrack vault during the Charlotte Motor Speedway race. To enable them to get in, they enlist the help of convicted safecracker Joe Bang, who they must first break out of prison. The Logans encounter many challenges along the way, including an unlucky family curse.

Seth MacFarlane has been praised for his performance as an antagonist in the film. With the aid of an outrageously curly hair-do and over-the-top moustache, MacFarlane transforms himself into an obnoxious, ego-driven bad guy, while staying true to his recognisable humorous style.

The film grossed almost $28 million in the United States and nearly $20 million internationally. While its grossing was nowhere near as high as Ted, the film received many positive reviews. This includes an impressive 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a grade B from the polled audience on CinemaScore.

Following its release, Lucky Logan merchandise and inspired products have been popping up online and in stores. Just a few of these include branded clothing, posters, artwork, mugs and phone cases, which feature popular quotes and scenes from the film. Fans of Lucky Logan are keen to celebrate and remember its funniest moments with these novelty items.

A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

Seth MacFarlane was heavily involved in the making of the 2014 hit filmA Million Ways to Die in the West, acting not only as its Director, but also as a screenplay writer and cast member.

In the film, MacFarlane plays a farmer named Albert, who is left by his girlfriend. When a mysterious woman rides into town, Albert works to transform himself from an unimpressive lonely guy, into a gun slinging, western hero. However, as the title suggests, poor Albert faces a number of life threatening challenges along the journey. In true MacFarlane style, clever references to other movies have been thrown in and a number of high-profile cameo appearances are featured, including Ryan Reynolds as a cowboy killed in a brawl and Jamie Foxx as his character from Django: Unchained.

As another one of Seth’s comedic works, A Million Ways to Die in the West did well in the box office both in the United States and internationally, grossing over $86 million worldwide.He also released a book based on the film, alongside an audiobook and DVD.

Seth MacFarlane is a highly successful individual within the film industry, with few others daring to take on such as diverse range of job titles. His films have been enjoyed by audiences worldwide and will continue to remain popular as not only movies but also as merchandise and even online games for years to come.