One of the best movies of the year has to be Drive which starred Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan and completely blew everyone away with the amount of ‘cool’ that the movie had! It told the story of a stunt driver who doubled as a getaway driver who wore cool clothes, drove cool cars but was always happy to help his next door neighbour carry her shopping and look after her son. But then if it was Carey Mulligan, you would too wouldn’t you?!

According to Twitch, the author of the the novel James Sallis is writing a sequel to the book which will be called ‘Driven’ and it’ll take place six year after the first story:

Poisoned Press have teased us with this info:

“Six Years Later – Phoenix. Out of nowhere someone wants Driver dead. Who? Why? Big mistake…”

Now obviously this is only a book sequel but surely a movie would follow after the success of the first wouldn’t it?

So what do we think of Driven? Good idea or should we leave the coolest movie of the year to stand alone? Thoughts in the comments below please!