The cutting of a film trailer – a good film trailer, is a fine art.

The quality of the choices you make, the shots you select, how you use the music and the decision to tease or to throw your best shots at the screen – all of these must be faced and for a group of London students the decisions they made had some very important consequences.

Forty-one film students were given the chance to re-edit the recent Priest trailer (which you can see here) and give their own spin on the world Scott Stewart and Paul Bettany have created.

Once the tast was completed three of the students were chosen to fly out to Los Angeles and show their new trailers to the film’s stars and director who then had the task of selecting their favourite.

It’s a fascinating story as its one thing to spur on film students to learn part of the filmmaking process by creating something new and exciting, but its quite another to have their work shown to established filmmakers themselves.

Having seen the trailers it’s testament to the creativity and understanding of the chosen three that they made such varied choices which resulted in the three distinct visions.

You can see the story unfold, and the reaction from the director of Priest, in the video below and we’ve got an exclusive look at the three trailers chosen – check those out beneath the next video.

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A longer version of this story is available to watch here.

Trailer 1:

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Trailer 2:

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Trailer 3:

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