Cast your mind back to the Brendan Fraser of yesteryear who did the odd goofy role, while balancing this with winning turns in more serious, high-brow character work (including a powerful performance alongside Ian McKellen in 1998’s Gods and Monsters).

Over the last few years, the actor seems to have largely chosen the fluff over roles which would showcase his talents (last year’s Extraordinary Measures didn’t really do the trick). I mean, how many run-ins with CG mummies and rebellious animals can one man take?!

Thankfully, this may change with news from Empire that he’ll be co-starring alongside such gifted performers as Kristin Scott Thomas (and possibly Colin Firth and Ed Harris) in Neil LaBute’s next feature, Seconds of Pleasure.

He’s hoping LeBute (who is in need of a little career rehabilitation himself following his woeful remake of The Wicker Man) can provide Fraser with a role and performance which is worthy of his skills as an actor.