There’s a reason why there’s been eight films in the Fast & Furious franchise – and it’s because audiences keep wanting more. And there’s a reason for that too, for these films have an unwavering commitment to pure entertainment, and each film is getting bigger, bolder and batshit crazier.

The latest has added a few new faces, and one of which is Scott Eastwood (son of Clint), who we had the pleasure of speaking to about his involvement in this project. We began by asking about the appeal – why has this series been so sustainable?

fast-and-furious-8“These movies are about family, and I think that theme resonates extremely well with the audience and the fans,” he said. “I also think the characters are really loved and you have all these different colours of characters, all these great different personalities and that really shines through”.

Eastwood went on to discuss his own relationship with the movies prior to signing up to this production, and the camaraderie on set amongst the cast & crew. He also speaks about his desire to return to the franchise in the future, and briefly discusses his role in the forthcoming sequel to Pacific Rim.

We also ask about working with Dwayne Johnson – as the pair have a comedic first encounter within the movie.. “I thought it was kind of iconic,” he said. “Dwayne Johnson got to throw me up against a wall, I thought it was great”

Fast & Furious 8 is released on April 12th. Check back on the site next week for our official review.