HeyUGuys were given the chance to see eight minutes of the upcoming Saw 3D, intending to showcase more gory killings, but this time in 3D, for the final movie of the franchise.

What I saw was barely worth getting that excited about except for the opening scene which I will go into later. The set piece kill was pretty imaginative, gory and graphic which will please fans of the films though the 3D added very little to the Saw franchise as I hardly noticed it was there.

The opening scene was definitely the highlight of the footage with Cary Elwes reprising his role from the original movie as Doctor Lawrence Gordon. We follow a bloody trail and the one footed doctor crawling through the tunnels of his prison and coming across a hot steam pipe that he uses to cauterise his stumpy mess. The 3D was subtle, barely noticeable, and the scene was a brilliant reminder of the magic and mystery of the first Saw film, it left me very interested in how they intend to incorporate Lawrence Gordon into Saw 3D to bring the series full circle.

The next scene was our textbook death scene, a more public affair compared to other Saw killings. What appeared to be a glass shop front showcasing a gory display, two men chained to either end of a work bench and both have a huge circular saw blade close to their faces as they awaken to find their predicament. A public audience starts to grow outside the display as a previously concealed girl strapped to the ceiling appears with a third circular saw directly below her. The Saw Puppet (Billy to the fans) appears on his bike and reveals the conundrum, both men are lovers to the girl and must choose to either kill the other person by pushing the blade into the other man in a game of strength in order to save her, or allow her to lower and die resulting in their freedom.

After a bit of verbal hilarity and a bit of blood, the two guys both eventually choose to give the cheating scantily clad surgically enhanced lady the chop (ho ho) and we watch as she gets slowly sliced in two, intestines flailing and all. Pretty unemotional stuff with boring characters and no interest in any of them surviving at all, but this is Saw and it is gore porn at its best, however ridiculous.

I think I missed films part 5 & 6  but it  appears Tobin “Jigsaw” Bell is voicing these murderous scenarios despite being killed and undergoing a graphic autopsy after part 3 which all seems too far fetched for me to buy into the films as I did before he was killed off. The appearance of Cary Elwes returning as Dr. Gordon however, is a definite draw to return to the films and i’ll be watching with interest as to how the legacy ends.

Saw 3D is due for release on 29th October