Cricket legend Kevin Pietersen & Petronel Nieuwoudt (founder of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary) are interviewed by Richard Brownnutt for their new TV show Save this Rhino airing on National Geographic channel.

Former English cricket captain, Kevin Pietersen, shines a light on the world’s critically endangered rhinoceros population, currently on a path to extinction by 2025, and looks into the hard work of dedicated conservationists to save these gentle giants.

This brand new emotional two-part series follows Kevin, National Geographic’s own outback wrangler Matt Wright, and South African cricket legend Graeme Smith, as they meet the victims of poaching through the story of an orphan baby rhino named Arthur. Arthur’s mother was brutally killed in front of him by poachers, and he was left injured next to her dying body.

At the centre of this critical story are the courageous men and women fighting this war. Petronel Nieuwoudt, founder of Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary NPC, introduces Kevin and his team to Arthur and the other orphaned and injured baby rhinos under her care. Petronel’s orphanage is the world’s largest shelter for orphaned rhinos, where each day is a military operation to protect the animals from the constant threat of poaching.

SAVE THIS RHINO premieres Monday 17th June at 10pm on National Geographic.