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Believe it or not, it’s coming up to two years since Breaking Bad came to an end. Rightly hailed as one of – if not THE – greatest TV show of all-time, fans of the series weren’t sure what to do with themselves when the story of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman concluded. Would they find a way to do some sort of sequel?

It seemed unlikely, but as it turned out, creator Vince Gilligan had dreamed up a prequel which would shed some light on the history of one of Breaking Bad’s most popular supporting characters; Saul Goodman.

The shady lawyer established himself as one of TV’s most quotable characters, and like Bryan Cranston,  Bob Odenkirk proved to everyone that he’s actually one of the best actors out there thanks to his role as Saul.

The character’s own series will delve into the years before he met Walt and Jesse, following his transformation from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman. Following the premiere of the first episode of Better Call Saul on Netflix, we’ve decided to take a clover look at some of Saul’s best Breaking Bad moments…

10. Meeting Saul Goodman

Saul 1

We first meet Saul following the not so surprising arrest of the dim-witted Badger at the hands of weedy Detective Getz. He may have often served as comic relief in Breaking Bad, but this introduction to the character made it clear that he was no joke when it came to helping his clients out of a sticky situation.

Quickly putting the cops in their place by forcing them to leave the room, Saul then launches into a lengthy diatribe about his fee – “$4650.00, Four, Six, Five, Zero, OK?” – and explains to the bemused Badger that he most definitely does not accept payment by American Express. They couldn’t have found a better way to introduce us to Saul, and this incredible scene made it clear he would be stealing plenty of them.

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9. Tracking Down Walt

Walter White

Another great example of there being more to Saul than meets the eye was him effortlessly tracking down Walt after he was hired to help out Badger. Though he was under the impression at the time that Walt was Badger’s uncle, this showed the budding meth dealer that Saul wasn’t just a bumbling fool from those late night commercials.

The two had met twice before (once in Saul’s office when Walt used a pseudonym and then again in the desert), but this felt like their first REAL meeting. It cemented their relationship and set both men on very new paths in their respective lives. Of course, it would be wrong of us not to point out that the P.I. Saul refers to would have been Mike, so he also deserves credit for this.


8. His Commercials

Though the first time we meet Saul is mentioned earlier in this feature, the first time we actually see him is in one of his brilliantly sleazy and cheap TV adverts. It’s exactly the kind of awful commercial you would expect to see on late night American TV, with terrible acting, dodgy screen green backgrounds and silly patriotic music all very much present.

These “Better Call Saul” adverts spawned a web series and provided the title for both the episode in which he first makes his presence felt AND his prequel. They’re often referred to throughout the course of Breaking Bad, and while these commercials were undoubtedly created in the hope of bringing in clients, they also ensure people mistakenly underestimate the clever lawyer.

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