Ryan Gosling - The Idolmaker (heyuguys.co.uk)UPDATE: Deadline have now changed their story and this is no longer the case.

He’s not short of a few film offers right now, but Ryan Gosling also plans to jump behind the camera to take on a remake of Taylor Hackford’s 1980 flick ‘The Idolmaker‘.  Not content with just directing though, Gosling will also star as the real life promoter and star maker Bob Marcucci.  Makes you feel lazy right?!

If you’re after a little more information friends, then we’re happy to inform you that Marcucci was a personal manager in the music bidness, first at Chanceller Records and then at his own Robert P. Marcucci Productions; shepherding careers of musicians like teen idol Fabian and Frankie Avalon to stardom.

There’s no word on when Gosling will actually take on the project due a busy schedule with Warner Bros. Gangster Squad and the planned Logan’s Run remake, but be assured we’ll let you know when it’s all penned in.

Source – Deadline.