It was perhaps the late Edward Woodward’s most iconic role, and just a hint of the TV series’ opening theme is enough to have us donning our rose tints and breaking out the Ferrero Rocher.

Now the film adaptation of The Equalizer looks as if it’s moving forward slowly with Russell Crowe stepping into the gumshoes of Robert McCall, a ex-government man whose past is mired in mystery, so much so that he spends his time coming to the rescue of those people who have nowhere else to turn. Like Quincy but with black leather gloves and a predisposition to headbutt his way to answers.

Long on the cards, the Weinsteins have a team developing the project and having Crowe’s name attached will make it easier to find the money, particularly as the 80s have well and truly returned to the cinemas with The Karate Kid and The A-Team making money across the pond.

So, another gritty action thriller with a male lead straddling the line of legality in the pursuit of revenge. Haven’t seen one of those for at least a few months.

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