What better way to start the new year than easing into it with some of the best comedic talents in the form of Romesh Ranganathan and Katherine Ryan in the Sky comedy series ‘Romantic Getaway.’

This six-part modern Bonnie and Clyde story sees couple Alison (Katherine Ryan) and Deacon (Romesh Ranganathan) desperate to have a child. After countless IVF attempts, they are faced with the possibility it might not happen. They are unable to afford more rounds, and with mounting debts the pressure on the relationship begins to show. What is their solution? Steal. Now they must avoid getting caught…

The series is a comedy beginning directly after Deacon and Alison have
defrauded their dodgy boss, Alfie (Johnny Vegas) of £500k. The couple are sat in their car, buzzing with adrenaline. But after the buzz wears off, they must not only contend with the gruelling process of IVF, but also have to figure out how to use the money without getting found out, a challenge that draws them deep into the criminal underworld of Reading.

We caught up with Romesh and Katherine to get the lowdown on the series.

Romantic Getaway will be available on Sky Comedy and NOW, 1 January 2023.