In the past decade or so we’ve seen a number of fine adverts incorporating the Star Wars films to sell their products. Now it’s the turn of Gareth Edwards’ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and this ad from Gillette is the best one we’ve seen so far.

You may remember the batteries advert featuring children acting out the events of Rogue One on a massive landscape (you must check it out here if not), this ad also manages to use the Star Wars world in a way that isn’t completely jarring. In fact, it’s pretty damn great.

The promo imagines the rebel forces getting ready for their showdown with Krennic and his Stormtroopers on the tropical world of Scarif. It’s a fairly obvious aspirational story, and the production values are terrific. What eagle-eyed viewers have noticed is that there may well be some actual footage from the film in here too. The U-wings approaching the planet seems to be right out of the film, plus it is a perfect visual mirror for some shots in A New Hope. Likewise there are a number of shots that we’ve seen from the trailers.

It may well be that everything here is created for this promotion alone, however I’d be surprised if we haven’t got a glimpse of something new here.

Here’s the ad,

and here’s the edited footage reversed by a Youtuber , creating a very cool representation of the assault on Scarif.