Twenty seven since he first stalked the mean streets of Old Detroit in Paul Verhoeven’s dark, ultraviolent dystopia Robocop returns.

The first reviews started coming in today and it’s good to see that the initial reticence the remake was met with has given way to a more positive welcome for the correctionally-skewed mandroid.

Tonight London’s Waterloo IMAX played host to the world premiere of Jose Padilha’s film, and many of the film’s stars attended including Gary Oldman, Abbie Cornish and the manchine himself Joel Kinnaman.

If you’re not convinced of the film’s potential Thomas Alexander wrote on Why we Shouldn’t Write off the Robocop Remake and you can see our video interviews with the cast and crew below.

Our men Colin Hart and Amon Warmann were on hand to interview the arrivals tonight and we’ll be adding these as the night progresses.

Gary Oldman

Joel Kinnaman

Jose Padihla

Abbie Cornish