Not sure if fans of Jeff Buckley will be rejoicing and praising “Hallelujah” when they learn of Twilight star Robert Pattinson’s plans.

Accordingly to the Daily Express, the actor is “obsessed” with nabbing the role of the late, great singer/songwriter in a forthcoming biopic, and the film’s producer Michelle Sy (Finding Neverland) reveals that she’s “met actors who are keen on the part, and Robert was one.” Buckley’s life would certainly suggest quite an interesting departure from that of the fictitious lovelorn vampire Edward in Summit’s phenomenally successful film franchise.

Born in California’s Orange County in 1966, Buckley emerged in New York City’s avant-garde club scene in the 1990’s as one of the most respected artists of his generation, acclaimed by audiences, critics, and fellow musicians alike. His life was cut tragically short when in 1997 (aged just 30) he died in a tragic drowning accident in Memphis. Rather ironically, his father Tim Buckley (another famed musician) passed away at the young age 28 in the mid-70’s from an accidental drug overdose.

Pattinson presumably feels that this role could provide him with some credibility following the Twilight films, and given that recent biopics have scored with the critics, at the box office and during awards season (Walk the Line and Ray are just  two recent examples) this could be a shrewd move for the actor.

News via Empire.