Alfonso Cuaron’s spacebound survival movie Gravity has lost its leading man, as THR reports that Robert Downey Jr. has left the project.

After a number of leading ladies first attached, then drifted away from the project (Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman to name just two) Sandra Bullock stepped up to take the main role of the film, at the time to star opposite Downey Jr.

Telling the story of the immediate consequences of a space mission caught in a meteorite storm the female character Bullock is due to play has most of the film to herself, and while the role Downey Jr. was set to play will surely be recast this project needs to get have some good luck before it falls out of the sky completely.

The report indicates that Downey Jr. is heading for a Fox production based on a book about talking to girls, written by a nine year old called Alec Greven, titled How to Talk to Girls. Charm and homespun philosophy are sure to collide with consequences both ‘hilarious’ and ‘sweet’ and the project is set to be a family friendly film in the vein of Big according to producer Shawn Levy. Let’s hope it too goes down, down baby, down by the roller coaster, sweet, sweet baby…