Whether or not Sky Atlantic’s Riviera was a Neil Jordan series may remain in doubt, but one thing’s for sure, the story has moved well past the original concept sketched out by the Irish writer/ director.

Jordan had taken the concept of a sex and drugs-riddled murder-mystery set in the French Riviera to the execs at Sky, who gave him the chance to write the opening episodes. But after much tinkering, Jordan distanced himself from the project that would go on to become one of Sky’s most-watched, self-produced shows of all time.

And with that success in the bag, we’re moving into season two territory.

Julia styles returns as the art curator-turned-bemused widow Georgina Clios, who spent the first series drilling her way into the mystery surrounding the death of her billionaire husband, Constantine Clios (Anthony LaPaglia). And this time, there’s a rival rich family to contend with.

Despite being surrounded by liars, drug takers and potential murderers, Stiles was happy to talk to us during the recent promotional tour – we jest, those people surrounding her are her fellow cast members – Lena Olin (Irina) and Dmitri Leonadis (Christos), plus the newcomers playing the Eltham clan – Alex Lanipekun, movie veteran Juliet Stevenson and model-turned-actor Poppy Delevingne.

With our usual hard-nosed instinct to get the bottom of key issues, we find out who the naughtiest person is on set, and who is most likely to turn up with a hangover…

Riviera Season II will air 23 May, 9pm Sky Atlantic and NOW TV

Riviera Season 2 Cast Interviews