With Michael Scott soon set to depart, the makers of U.S. television’s The Office have one last surprise up their sleeves as their protagonist comes face to face with his creator.

Fresh from his spot hosting the Golden Globes in which he quipped that star and producer Steve Carell (who plays Scott) was “ungrateful” for leaving the show, Ricky Gervais is set to appear in the series as none other than UK boss, David Brent.  Gervais, who joked that Carell was “killing a cash cow” for the both them, is of course the co-creator and star of the original BBC series on which the long-running American show was based, as well as being that series’ executive producer.

Assuming that any backlash to some of his more controversial Globes jokes has died down by then, the guest spot should come as exciting news for fans of the series, some of whom have been waiting for the bosses to cross paths for a long while.  Presumably we’ll just have to ignore those first few episodes which made their work lives seem so remarkably similar…

TV Line had the scoop.