Just when you thought you knew the formula to the archetypal romantic comedy by heart, director Mark Murphy presents The Revenger: An Unromantic Comedy, turning the genre on its head, to make for a light-hearted, playful affair, that takes an affectionately barbed, unique look at the modern relationship.

HeyUGuys were fortunate enough to be invited on the film’s set – anticipating an entertaining, fun day out in the summer sun. Then when we arrived it dawned on us today was the day they were shooting the film’s funeral scenes. And it was raining. Hooray!

But such is the nature of the film – and the affability of those involved – this wasn’t your typical funeral, as we watched on as lead stars Samantha Barks, Robert Kazlnsky and Ed Speelers lent a comedic touch to this supposedly miserable day.

Conducting an interview on location – and in the church (not in the confession booth, sadly) – Barks explained to us that this was a project she simply couldn’t turn down, in a genre she’s yet to try her hand in.

“I love the idea of doing a comedy, I’ve always wanted to do comedy,” she said. “It’s my go-to genre, I’m obsessed with it. So to actually get to do one is really exciting, and it’s fun, we have a lot of fun.”

Fun was a word we heard mentioned a fair few times on our day visit – as it seems that everybody involved in this production was having a genuinely good time. Of course you’d expect to hear such words irrespective of the reality, but there was a palpable comfortability, a genial atmosphere and sense that everybody just got on – really bloody well.

“The cast are so much fun to work with and have so many good ideas that it’s a joy to play. A lot of the jokes are on my character to be fair, but there’s a lot of fun improvisation that’s taking place,” Barks said.

“The atmosphere has been so much fun. We have a great team, cast and crew, every single person in every department is awesome, it’s really lovely, and everyone has a nice positive spirit, which, when you have a manic week with loads of scenes, really helps.”

Barks does represent the somewhat more antagonistic role in the narrative, playing Connie – who becomes the subject of a revenge plot from her fiancé Mark (Kazinsky). But for Barks, it was a challenge she dutifully accepted – and thoroughly enjoyed.

“It’s nice to be the bitch, that’s been fun, and I haven’t really got to do that much on film, so it’s been nice to mix it up. There are nice moments to my character, but essentially she’s a bit of a bad character, and it’s been fun to play with that,” she continued.

“I wouldn’t say it comes naturally, I’m not very similar to her, she has a strange morality, a very twisted morality to her from her upbringing, so if you’re not able to do something for her, you’re not really important, which she learns the hard way is the wrong take to have on life.”

Be sure to check back on HeyUGuys nearer the film’s UK release, when we’ll be running our full report from our day on the set of The Revenger: An Unromantic Comedy – also featuring interviews with Mark Murphy and Robert Kaplinsky.