I know what you’re thinking: this recent Avengers hullabaloo is all very well and good, but could you please tell me what’s going on with Resident Evil: Retribution?

Indeed we can. On top of a slew of recent casting updates which we will get to shortly, the fivequel(?) attracted attention in the last week for an accident that took place on set, injuring sixteen zombie extras. With maladies ranging from bruising to a broken leg, a total of 12 cast and crew members were taken to hospital in Toronto as a result of the incident, which took place during the shooting of a chase sequence.

As for the aforementioned casting details, franchise star Milla Jovovich has revealed on twitter that Chinese actress Li Bingbing has been cast in the role of Ada Wong. The role of Leon Kennedy, meanwhile, will be filled by actor Johann Urb.

Bingbing and Urb join Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Michelle Rodriguez, Kevin Durand and  Boris Kodjoe on the film, which is scheduled for release next September.

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  • Steve

    I feel extra sorry for the crew on set, but hope they do it well and in ease. After the next 2 resident evil films, with Milla in them. I think I know some one will reboot, the resident evil films and make them in the same universe and canon to the Video games, with a main game heroine – in them. So that will be better when they repliciated from the Resident evil video games, as me a true resident evil game fan, wiith Claire and Chris and some one else, who I’m in love with as a favourite game character, as either of them woman will be a main heroine in every film, of the games. Also it will be better because there will be a new woman taking over milla – now being Claire or some one in every new film as the same character.