Recognized by his incredible creativity in theĀ Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami has expressed interest in developing a game with a Open-World theme. He was inspired by The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’s lovable game play that touched onto the genre in which the game was based on. This element has played a vital role in his choice of genre along with the fact that the Open-World games are, as he told PSM3 magazine, “There are very few- Red Dead, GTA IV, Skyrim … It’s not like there are a dozens of them yet.”

“We don’t have hundreds of staff, so I’d keep it simple. I’d introduce one major role, but within that you’d be free to play it however you like,” Shinji Mikami said as he explained his idea of how he would run the operation if the game were to be made, “It would be a game that mixes the best of the old kinds of games with this relatively new open-world concept.”

Although there is no concrete word that Mikami is working on such a project, if he plans to make this come to life, he will have to learn what it takes to make Open-World games from those who know it best.