Relic is a brilliantly creative, and intelligent horror flick that played at this year’s London Film Festival, and to mark its theatrical release, we had the pleasure of speaking to its leading star, Bella Heathcote.

The Australian actress, talking to us from the other side of the world via Zoom, talks about the film’s layers, and how it takes a real life illness, in this case dementia, and uses that as a catalyst to explore the familiar tropes and beats of the horror genre. She also talks about learning from her experienced colleagues, in this instance the brilliant Emily Mortimer and Robyn Nevin. She also sings the praises of the film’s director Natalie Erika James, and we talk about her experience in lockdown, as she leaves behind the US to spend some time back home, though sounds like she is itching to get back to work…

Watch our full interview with Bella here:


When family matriarch Edna goes missing, her daughter and granddaughter return home to find her. They discover a haunting presence hanging over the home, which is taking over Edna’s mind.

Relic is released on October 30th