Ahead of the Friday release of Bruce Willis’s brand new action comedy RED (a film in which the first foe he fights is the tedium of retirement) HeyUGuys went along to the London press conference to bring you the behind-the-scenes story on the unusually star-packed set.  We wondered what a stand out day would be on such a production…

Well who better to ask than the all-American action man and his beautiful co-star?  We also borrowed his leading lady, Mary-Louise Parker later that afternoon for a one-on-one to discover more about life around Extremely Dangerous Retirees!

Mary-Louise, star of The West Wing and Weeds, was strikingly pretty and dry humoured and enjoyed a teasing chemistry with her husky voiced love interest.  Poor Mr Willis was afflicted with a cold and husky of voice from germs more than gravitas!  He valiantly hung in there and tackled topics as myriad as politics, paternal powerlessness and unpleasant cough sweets with great humour.

The pair agreed that the RED experience had been a fantastic one.  And singular in that the production brought together a dozen strong principle actors.  Mary-Louise was initially lured to RED by the prospect of working with Bruce but found herself especially taken with another star with whom she shared screen time– the incomparable John Malkovich.  Her romantic lead found himself rushing to the set each day.  He was tickled by what a “nebbish” his character was at the art of wooing and loved his screwball-comic interactions with Mary-Louise’s Sarah.

You may read our review of RED here and enjoy the press conference in full below.

RED is released in the UK on Friday 22nd October