There have been whispers of him doing a spaghetti western for a while now, but is Quentin Tarantino now on the cusp of bringing his take on the sub-genre to the big screen?

Ain’t It Cool has revealed a number of details from their sources and it would appear that the Inglorious Basterds director is further along with the production process than first imagined.

Apparently, The Jew Hunter himself, Christoph Waltz, has been cast, alongside the likes of Franco Nero, Keith Carradine and Treat Williams. As usual, the last three on the list are solid character actors whose majority of work harks back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and are the kind of figures who would benefit immensely from a John Travolta/Robert Forster-like resurrection.

What’s more, there are also plans to shoot the film in Italy and Spain later this year, and it’s alleged the film will be called The Angel, The Bad And The Wise – an obvious homage to the great Sergio Leone.

Although it’s been rumoured that Tarantino was intent on tackling another Elmore Leonard adaptation (he turned Rum Punch into Jackie Brown, remember) this is not a film version of the cult author’s western-based novel, 40 Lashes Less One.

So there you have it. All the above does sounds legitimate (particularly given Tarantino’s past casting quirks) but we’ll keep you posted when any official news is released, which if the shooting date above is anything to go by, shouldn’t be too long from now hopefully.

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