Trick 'r Treat poster

There are some films which have arduous journeys to our cinema screens. Mostly this is due to heavy studio involvement, with the original creative vision ploughed over by a dozen executives with dollar signs in their eyes and we, the erstwhile cinema goers, have to sit and wait for merchadising deals to be struck, or profit-optimised release dates to come around.

We were meant to see Michael Dougherty’s Hallowe’en horror anthology Trick ‘r Treat back in October 2007, and all the signs (and enthusiastic festival previews) pointed to an outstanding horror film, awash with 80’s references and genuinely scary stories. Dougherty (scriptwriter with Dan Harris on X-2 and Superman Returns) had Bryan Singer on producing duties as he used the staples of Hallowe’en lore to frame his first feature, and in 2009, two years late, we’re finally going to get our chance to see what all the fuss is about.

The trailer is embedded below – we’ll keep you up to date with a UK release date.