I wasn’t sure I was behind the Robert Rodrigeuz produced Predator follow up, but in seeing a few of the images which have leaked online and now watching this interview with one of the writers of Predators my interest has risen considerably.

Alex Litvak worked with Michael Finch and Producer Robert Rodriguez on the script for the new film, which could be seen as a spiritual successor  to the 1987 Schwarzenegger classic (and yes, any film with the line “I ain’t got time to bleed” is a classic), and in this interview, conducted with the Sixth Borough Screenplay site, has Litvak talking about the circumstances which throw the characters, in his words the ‘dirty-dozen’ and of troops, into this jungle.

What intrigued me most was towards the end of the video when Litvak talks about how Predators will differentiate itself from the first film, primarily about what type of Predator they will be facing. Like it’s original/sequel namesake Alien/s the first film appears to open a door which the sequel will throw open and new types of antagonists will appear.

Have a watch – it’s a great interview and they’ll be more from Alex coming soon, so stay tuned.