Suicide Squad has gone from being the upcoming comic book movie no one really cared about to one of 2016’s most highly anticipated releases, and as a result, plenty of potential spoilers have started circulating!

Another DC Comics character who will apparently make an appearance in the movie is the Thinker, a Belle Reve inmate possessing a genius-level IQ who suffers from a nerve-degenerating disease. What role he would play here isn’t clear, but The King’s Speech star Geoffrey Rush has apparently passed on playing him.

A surprise addition however is General Sam Lane, a.k.a. Lois Lane’s father! CSI star Gary Sinise is being eyed for this character who will likely serve as a way of building cohesiveness across the DC Cinematic Universe.

Deathstroke (you will hopefully remember from Manu Bennett’s impressive Arrow performance) is also set to play a part in Suicide Squad, with True Blood’s Joe Manganiello and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ Jason Clarke among those being considered for the “hired assassin that is competing with the Suicide Squad.”

Now, here are some juicy details on The Joker. This version of the character is said to be, “scarred all over his body because of his battles with Batman” and he continually “plays mind games with people and twists [their] minds.” It’s still being said that Ben Affleck WILL make an appearance if his schedule allows it.

Now, Batman v Superman. As you will more than likely remember, General Zod’s neck was snapped by Superman at the end of that movie, bringing the villain played by Michael Shannon to a definitive end.

Or was it? According to a new report, the Boardwalk Empire and Mud star will make an appearance in the movie after his corpse is experimented on by Lex Luthor in what is more than likely an attempt by the villain to discover what weaknesses Kryptonians have which can then be used against Superman in their battles.

However, Luthor’s tampering will trigger “the Doomsday genome”, something which causes the corpse to reanimate and transform into the monster pictured at the top of this article. That origin is both similar and very different to the comic books, but in those, the near invincible Doomsday famously killed Superman!

Is that what will happen in the movie? It’s unlikely, especially with Justice League around the corner…