Joined at the hip and dressed in all white, the director duo Abbas-Mustan are back with their brand of big budgeted slick B-grade thrillers.

Crossing all continent for this Mini based gold heist movie (there were even rumours they had a schedule planned in Antarctica, which would have been the first Indian movie to shoot there) the trailer looks quite promising so check it out below!

Together with a host of stars, we have soon-to -be baby daddy of the forthcoming Bollywood royalty baby (think Branjelina’s baby- but browner and a better dancer) is back to a multistarrer movie together with Neil Mukesh whose been absent from the silver screen  after his nude scene debabcle in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Jail.

Bobby Deol’s career is a mystery to me, if it wasn’t for directors like Abbas mustan that keep working with him, he’s been at it for over a decade and has never really impressed me in ANY movie ( The 2nd mystery is how Abbas Mustan keep their clothes so sparkling white and are they able to just sit back, relax and enjoy a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise somedays?)

They’re joined by the beautiful bikini-bodded Bipasha Basu (giving Bond Girls a run for their money) and a middle finger flicking (how dare she??? Wasn’t she a well brought up Indian girl) Sonam Kapoor to add a bit of oomph and guarantted booty poppin’ to the proceedings.


The scale looks massive, the stunt look redonk, Pritam will probably drop a score what will fill up the airwaves for a couple of months(probably until we figure out where he “remade” the songs from? Watch out Korean soap opera’s).

The gold they are trying to steal is deliriously yellow and shiney (I also like the old schoolness of the plot of stealing gold,how 1950’s)

I am looking forward to this not only because I like Abhishek’s work on screen but I like that they are offically remaking the Mark Wahlberg version and not the Michael Caine one.

I hated that Michael Caine one, so sue me!  I also couldn’t understand a single word anyone was saying in that movie.  I also hated that “Self Preservation Society” -song.

Crap now it’s stuck in my head!