Tom Hooper’s film has waltzed through awards season winning accolades for its stars, directors, screenwriters and the film itself, and in order to capitalise on this success the film has been re-edited in the States, taking out the more offensive language and gaining a new, box-office friendly PG-13 rating.

The debate will rage on and on, but this new poster, found by our friends at Best For Film, sets the new tone nicely.


Which immediately richochets off of the cultural consciousness and suggests this moment from a true family classic,

The moments which affected me most in Tom Hooper’s film were the bedtime story with the princesses, or the quiet beakdown before the storm – and it has a huge heart. I’m also extrememly pleased that more people will be enticed into seeing the film, but I can’t help but feel Tom Hooper and David Seilder’s film has been compromised in order to make money.

Offensive language and censorship is a big part of cinematic culture and we are seeing boundaries shift back and forward for social or economic reasons and new version of The King’s Speech will make even more money and prove that re-editing a film is a viable commerical option, even if it plays merry hell with artisitic integrity.

And if you’re really annoyed just make a slight adjustment to the poster when you see it.